about us

Maxtis Telecom is a leading, global, multicultural telecommunications and marketing company, located in Prague, right in the heart of Europe. Founded in 2004, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of telecommunication and marketing solutions.

Maxtis Telecom has built its reputation as a successful door opener for Western European companies to enter Eastern European markets. Maxtis is proud to be market leader in Premium Rate Solutions in both Central and Eastern Europe, and we are also leading providers of exclusive and non-exclusive International Audiotext Solutions. International Audiotext usage is booming as telemedia and call-tv projects become more and more popular all around the globe. International Audiotext is the only billing method which can be used in countries that don’t offer Domestic Audiotext numbers. Thanks to precise market forecasting and flexibility, Maxtis is always one step ahead of its competitors.

As well as keeping up with, and often spearheading, the latest trends and evolving technologies, Maxtis Telecom also prides itself on meeting customers’ needs and expectations. With its multinational team, Maxtis constantly monitors global perspectives and telecommunications opportunities, enabling us to maintain our position at the forefront of the International telecoms market in both payment solutions and marketing operations.

As we hope you will soon experience, Maxtis is 100% focused on customer service. With our experienced and enthusiastic team, our telecoms technology expertise, and our extensive client base, Maxtis looks forward to working with you soon.