media solutions

Maxtis telecom is expanding its vision’s capacity to introduce exclusive interactive marketing solution projects which firmly take advantage and follow the pace of the recent International Audiotext usage boom which has been represented mainly by various telemedia programs. Maxtis hereby presents an innovative new opportunity to its clients to transform existing Audiotext solution systems into powerful revenue generators.

As a result of the continued growth of interactive user behavior, business methods have been transformed in ways never imagined; Maxtis has brought together time-tested, effective marketing techniques and key modern information technologies providing interactive programs which enable clients to communicate with their customers effectively by means of an expertise understanding of the various nuances of interactive telecommunication media. Each program is designed as a complete integrated solution to deliver the best, most cost effective program and deliver real results! In doing so cancelling the one way street of communication most businesses are forced to use, and offering two way real time result reporting.

These projects include personalized comprehensive solutions, and are customized according to individual expectations and goals. The wide portfolio of multimedia services is endless, and is both targeted and focused on a large audience of end users. Each of them secures a “return path" or "back channel" to end users, usually by telephone or mobile SMS.
The Maxtis team of experts is tuned in to industry discussions and developments and can work with the clients marketing, legal or privacy staff to develop the strategies, policies and best practices necessary to effectively navigate this constantly evolving landscape.

Voice & data services as well as various IVR solutions are integrated effectively in various entertainment schemes. As the most popular examples, we provide a glimpse to completed projects such as the following:

The fun doesn’t end there, the list contains many similar competition and entertainment games of voting, live chats, quiz shows, horoscopes offer further high interactivity.