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Go on-air!
Maxtis has throughout its experience in the field developed an outstanding capacity of setting the agenda, charting the evolution of business through its unique focus on the most creative individuals sparking change in the marketplace. Thereby uncovering practices always being a step ahead of other companies helping a new breed of leader work smarter and more effectively. Maxtis has therefore developed a new category in its profile, and proudly broadened its services to offer and deliver high quality interactive products valued by users enabling innovative and profitable, highly competitive, professional and superior services. The product packages specialize in the delivery of interactive full service Satellite TV elements that offer excellence and are accessible, reliable and responsive to various clients and users at all times.

Maxtis Telecom has been known well in the Premium Rate Industry for over 4 years, providing its clients with a wide range of Premium Rate Services for various projects and purposes. As the Premium Rate Numbers industry is moving from traditional marketing channels such as print advertising to the Internet and also satellite, TV Maxtis has launched new services connected to satellite broadcasting.
Our experience and wholesale range enable us to offer our clients air-space on satellite TV at affordable prices.

These services enable the client to achieve high profit, creating and combining throughout various offer elements, thereby creating a seductive medium with extensive demographics, statistics and professional management system with interesting revenues. Maxtis’s partner system allows you full access to all the means necessary for your business to work more effectively, giving you the independence necessary to add your own individual experience and thereby achieve the maximum advantage possible.

It has never been so easy to enter the satellite TV market! Maxtis brings you a full package solution enabling you to go on air within few days.

Our SAT-package includes:
  • Air time on Satellite channels broadcasting on Hotbird.
    This enables you to speak directly via high quality channels to a target audience in the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. This air time will be individually studied and discussed with the client in order to meet their specific needs and match their services and content to the highest level.
  • Unique phone chat in different languages, via mediated call centers with live operators. Hereby you will be able to connect your target group throughout the world through Satellite screens, thereby enabling various friendship and chat services in many languages.
  • International Premium Rate Numbers, accessible worldwide, enabling you to safely charge your viewers in different countries on a per-minute basis.
  • IVR applications production and management, in order to enhance your services, and create a one of a kind back up for your product.
  • Co-production, assistance, maintenance and management of your existing content.
Contact us for our full price offer and details.